Representative Patents

6,755,529 Method and apparatus for measuring contrast sensitivity

6,742,894 System and method for full field oscillating stimulus perimeter

6,708,331 Method for automatic parallelization of software

6,704,355 Method and apparatus to enhance timing recovery during level learning in a data communication system

6,567,415 Packet scheduling in a communication network with statistical multiplexing of service classes

6567085 Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality

6,519,026 Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)

6,504,604 In situ polarization mode dispersion measurement

5,885,954  Stain remover for textured walls and ceilings

5,875,430 Smart commercial kitchen network

 5,873,832 Method and apparatus for measuring properties of the eye using a virtual image

5,836,066 Process for the production of two-way shape memory alloys

5,726,424   Modular control enclosure for a cooking appliance

5,719,567  System for enhancing navigation and surveillance in low visibility conditions

5,711,606  Diagnostic system for a cooking appliance

4,978,910 Electrooptic apparatus for the measurement of ultrashort electrical signals

5,606,535 Digital menstrual wristwatch.